WooCommerce Version 5.0 officially released today

A new year and another upgrade is upon us here is what it offers:

WooCommerce 5.0 is a minor release. This means that this version will be focusing on bug fixes and performance improvements. There is not much that will impact most of us, but we listed a few that we feel have most impact.

  • They added scalability and stock reporting requirements for large stores and brings greater pricing and shipping flexibility for creating complex bundles.
  • They added prefixed CSS variables to the stylesheet, giving us more options. It no longer forces us to recreate the CSS when we need to use the same WooCommerce default styling.
  • This version have improved restoring product, coupon, and orders if you trashed an order, coupon so when you restore those items they now restore to the status they were when they were originally trashed.
  • They added a filter “woocommerce_delete_variations_on_product_type_change”  to prevent variations from being deleted while switching from a variable product type to a variable product type.
    We would recommend waiting a week or two before you upgrade unless there is a known issue you  hope to solve with this release.

    Keep on Cookin’ with CHILI!