What is CHILI WOO?

The Power of Three

CHILI Publish + WordPress + WooCommerce

We combined three powerful solutions to create what we like to call Spicy Woo! Our software allows you to take any current WordPress deployment, add WooCommerce and Chili Publish to create an amazing publishing solution.

CHILI Woo Features

Live 3D module

CHILI Publisher is the hottest online document editor. CHILI also comes with a 3D module and folding engine that displays the actual application of the PDF design. Chili Publisher is truly a World Class Interactive Document editing and asset creation engine that in unsurpassed in the industry.

Works Seamlessly with WooCommerce

We've integrated it into WordPress to create unique web portals that are fully customizable to match both your brand and your users’ editing needs. The most customizable eCommerce platform for WordPress. .

Works with other WooCommerce Plugins

There are over 2000 WooCommerce plugins and CHILIWoo is designed to work with all of them.

Works with WordPress!

WordPress accounts for 18.9% of all websites for a reason, Easy to use, easy to customize, Easy to enhance!

Works with other Plugins

CHILI Woo works with other WordPress themes and Plugins. There are over 29 thousand WordPress plugins you can use to enhance WordPress.

The water is warm

Jump on in! Join the Community of WooCommerce According to BuiltWith. That’s nearly 2 million websites worldwide!

Is CHILI Publisher Required?

Yes, a CHILI Publisher license is required – please visit: CHILI-Publish.com for more information or email Tim Daisy tdaisy@chili-publish.com for more information on CHILI Publisher.


Spicy Wrap is a whole new interface wrapped around your CHILI canvas. SpicyWrap adds extra features your users want such as: Image Uploads, 20,000+ Stock Photos, 170+ Fonts, Enjhanced Color Picker, QR code builder and more. These amazing tools are provided as a yearly subscription. Please Reach Out to Us for more information. 

Can I see a Demo?

Sure, just pop over to MyCHILIStore. com

Can you help us build a Storefront?

Absolutly, we are WordPress and WooCommerce exsperts and we can make your vision happen quickly and cost effectivly. No need to pay for designers, developers and intergarator – we offer  a one stop solution at a lower overall cost. If you have your own designs, we would be more than happy to make them a reality. Just Reach Out and let’s talk about your ideas!

What is we need something Custom?

Well then you have come to the right place. Everyday we are working with someone to build something slightly different. Every customer is different and their needs are our needs. 

See it in Action!