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Spicy CHILI Extensions

We built CHILI Woo to be flexible. We can create and add any number of custom Extensions to the based programming to improve workflow and increase production. Below are a few we have created for our clients

CHILI Woo Enterprise XML

This Extension to CHILLI Woo creates order information and communicates directly with Enterprise Print management software.

For more information visit their website

CHILI Woo Switch XML

Automating common production processes in the web to Print workflow.

For more information please visit their website

CHILI Woo File Transfer

We can add a basic workflow file transfer extension that can move files and XML order data to the Amazon Cloud, Dropbox or SFTP.

CHILI Woo Approval

Looking to add an approval process to your existing workflow? CHILI Woo has the ability to place orders on hold and control the order process and through and extension manage the approval process, freeing up customer service personnel to deal with customers, not approvals.

WOO Plugins

Looking for a custom WooCommerce plugin, we can help. Give us a call and tell us a little about what you're looking to accomplish.

As A Gift Plugin

Allows the customer to place an order as a gift

Pagination Order Plugin

Greatly improves workflow efficiency when processing multiple orders.