Automatic Personalization

Automatically Pre-fill Your CHILI products

Make creating marketing material faster and fun!

Perfect option to maintain Brand standards

A great way to make your Storefront easier to use and more valuable to your customers.


Easy to Setup and Easy to Use

Mapping Fields

Quickly Identify and setup all the fields you want to use and assign them to your CHILI fields. Use the mapped fields on any CHILI Document.

Lock Fields

As your customers open a new document it will pre-fill the document with their WordPress profile information. This data can be locked or unlocked. If it is locked they will not be able to edit it, in the document. This feature can be useful if the profile data was supplied, such as a business title, and should not be changed on a per item basis.



Weather you call it personalization or personalisation - Using the Automatic Personalisation feature you will have 100% Consistency between products.

Easy to Expand

Advanced Custom Fields

Do you need more fields than what is offered in the WordPress profile fields? Simply download Advanced Custom Fields (free) and add as many fields as you want or need.

Single Sign On

Integrations including Signle Sign On and other data sources is possible as we kept the framework open. If you have something you would like to add, fill out the form below

WordPress Self Registartion

Using built in WordPRess features such as self registration, you can create workflows that help customers by filling out their profile and using this infiormation on CHILI Documents.

advanced-custom-fields- add- one

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CHILI WOO-Customization Support

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