Our Spicy Extensions

We built CHILIWoo to be flexible. We can create and add any number of custom Extensions to the based programming to improve workflow and increase production.

Below are just a few examples on how we can help you exspand CHILIWoo to better fit you!



Adds SpicyWrap to CHILIWoo.

CHILIWoo Personalization

Allows mapping of profile fields and Advanced Custom Fields to a CHILI Template so the data is present when opened.


CHILIWoo Save for Later

Save a project and return to it later with this handy tool.

CHILIWoo Cart Plus

Edit a CHILI Document directly from the shopping Cart


CHILIWoo Reorder

With this tool you can reorder, and reorder with changes.

CHILIWoo Workflow XML

We can build a file the will automate common production processes in the web to Print space.


CHILIWoo Customer Lists

Creates a Mailing list area in the customers account, and allows them to upload lists that they can use when they order specific products.


CHILIWoo Leads Please List Purchase

Allows customers to create and order custom mailing lists from Leads Please.  (requires an account with Leads Please in order to work)


CHILIWoo Switch

Works to send files and order information to Switch via FTP or API


Switch Gravity Form Solution

A hosted solution that give Switch Owners a way to use WordPress and Gravity forms to create forms and uploads directly into Switch.

Simply reach out and let us help you find the perfect solution!

CHILI WOO-Customization Support

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