Customer Mailing Lists Add On!

Offer more services with lists

Add Mailing List options for CHILI Docs

Give your customers what they need, allow them to build a postcard or mailer and upload their mailing list to you. With this add on Customers can upload and manage their lists in their My Profile area and use these lists on products you set up. 


Packed with Features Customer Will Love

Unlimited Lists – Each customer can upload and manage as many lists as they want List formats and types Forget the frustration the customer is allowed to upload any list they feel like, which will reduce their frustration and field mapping stress  

Require a List – Products can be set to require a list or to leave it optional. You an also set a charge for managing the list for the customer. 

Lists are Reusable – The lists assigned to a product can be used as many times as the customer wants. For example they can use the list for a postacrd and a mailer.

Output Options – Becuase the list is not maaped to the product you can use the list in CHILI Publisher orany other system to create the mailing.