CHILI Woo Version 2.0 is now Available

(This is NOT an April fools joke!)

After months of work we are proud to announce our latest version of the CHILI Woo plugin is now live and available. It has been almost 4 years since our first version and a lot has happened since then. Below are a few highlights of the new plugin:

1. First and foremost the new plugin works with the new CHILI Publisher REST API. This new enhancement allows the plugin to work with the latest and greatest CHILI Publisher software.

2. The new plugin is designed to work with WordPress as a subdomain instead of reverse proxy settings on the server. This allows you to create a “C” record for your domain such as “shop”  or the word ” chili” in the following example:  This change will allow you to use shared hosting that may not allow you to make changes to server as was needed in version 1 of the CHILI Woo plugin.

3. You can now use any page for the CHILI Woo Editor page. In Version 1 this was a fixed page, and in version 2 you can select any page to place the short code.

4. We’ve added the ability to change the watermark. The Watermark is used to reduce the number of impressions used in your subscription. In version 1 this was a fixed setting, you can now brand the watermark to anything you want.

5. We made installation improvements that allow you to change the default output folders. In version 1 these folders were fixed and made it difficult to automate the output process for some customers.

6. Lastly we removed the requirement for wkhtmltopdf. Not all hosting environments have this software installed and removing it made the software more accessible to the standard WordPress hosted server options in the current market.

We hope you enjoy the new version as much as we enjoyed making it. If you are considering an upgrade or are new to CHILI Publisher and would like a demo please let us know, we will be more than happy to show you all the improvements first hand.

Keep on Cookin’ with CHILI!